Our CEMS Services

On-site maintenance and calibration of gas analysers

Our core business is the support of the legacy installed base of Procal analysers. Our highly experienced team provide a range of services including routine calibration and maintenance, emergency failure support and pre QAL 2 / AST functionality testing with linearisation across the UK and Internationally as needed.

We hold relevant spares, test equipment and gases and all UK engineers have CCNSG Passports and HSE Working at heights training.

Gas analyser maintenance and calibration

Marine analyser maintenance and calibration

The maintenance and calibration of the EGCS analysers is a key part of our service portfolio. Although the work itself is the same as land- based applications, the planning and delivery within the marine environment is considerably more challenging.

With considerable marine experience we specialise in offering fast response and flexibility in our approach when working in this industry, recognising the importance in reducing any downtime for the end user. We are able to visit vessels at their most convenient location world wide and sail as and when needed. Our approach is cost effective and often reduces the need for multiple return visits as engineers carry key spares and we carry out careful pre visit data analysis and preparation.

We work with both end users and key scrubber system manufacturers as well as non-scrubbed analyser applications.

EGCS analyser maintenance and calibration

Remote technical support

With a highly skilled technical expert working quickly and methodically in the analysis of analyser data, customers can save valuable time and reduce costs with improved diagnosis and understanding of the service requirement.

This can often remove the need for an immediate service visit which may be replaced by our guided support to resolve minor problems.

Where a visit is needed this information means we can be better prepared and plan efficiently.

IRIS ESL also offer routine remote technical review and support as part of a preventative maintenance program. Monthly or quarterly analysis of data can be carried out to proactively manage any changes in status which may affect performance. This approach is highly successful in marine applications where access is more challenging.

Remote technical support

Customer training

We believe that training our customers is positive for our mutual relationship and improves the information given to us when a problem arises in the field. We believe in a practical approach to training provision.

Training can be offered in hands on front line fault finding and repair, back ground theory to improve understanding, and in routine calibration checks.

Training can be accommodated both at our training facility where demo equipment is available or on a customer site.

In the UK we provide demo equipment for training.

For overseas training we can discuss how best to meet your training needs. Often a combination of classroom training, on site shadowing and hands on calibration training on the installed equipment.

2 day course for up to 5 trainees is the optimum training provision. Shorter courses can also be provided and specifically tailored to the customers needs.

Larger training groups can also be accommodated where needed, usually with support of an additional trainer and equipment.

Customer training

Service contracts

We offer a comprehensive range of service contracts.

Contracts can be tailored to the users needs but are usually built up of some, or all, of the following flexible components:

  • Maintenance and calibration visits on site: Annually, 6 monthly or quarterly.
  • Provision of test gas
  • Emergency call out
  • Remote technical support
  • Pre AST / QAL 2 functionality checks with linearization (including provision of ISO 17025 Gases)
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

Contracts can be offered in land based and marine applications

Service contracts


Most, but not all faults can be repaired during a service visit and sometimes it is necessary to return an item to the UK workshop.

In addition many problems can be remotely diagnosed with follow up activity needed.

IRIS ESL offer a low cost and efficient workshop test and repair of pcbs and controllers. This is particularly valuable if your installed equipment is now obsolete where we may be able to help you keep running until the budget allows for upgrade.

Limited repairs of analysers can also be offered.


Additional Services

Provision of additional service resources

Many businesses have the need for additional competent technical resources but are reluctant to take on permanent staff to meet what may be a short term need. It is in this area where we see a valuable mutual relationship can develop.

Our team have a wealth of experience and skills which make us an ideal choice to work with business to fill the resource gap with minimal additional training. This is particularly relevant in marine applications where flexibility and logistical knowledge is key to success.

Through our strategic partnerships we are also able to support with:

  • Equipment supply
  • Commissioning
  • Stack testing
  • Consultations